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A selection of bathrooms, showers and WC's from some of our domestic and business installations. Floor and wall tiles, gas heated water and electric showers.

All professionally finished to all relevant regulations.
AM Dalton Plumbing Bathroom

The central heating system of the expansion tank below has been serviced and so the water reservoir is clean The image below shows the expansion tank prior to cleaning. This tank keeps the central heating system topped up and prevents air from entering the system. It also serves a safety function and allows water to expand into the tank to prevent a presure build up in the system.
AM Dalton Plumbing Expansion Tank After AM Dalton Plumbing Expansion Tank Before

AM Dalton Plumbing Bathroom This set of images shows the progress of one job from start to finish. From the tired existing bathroom through to the new WC and shower installation.

A good solid foundation is important for a good finish. Good preparation the correct adhesive, grout and laying technique. The choice of floor tiles for this bathroom were chosen to offer good grip even when wet and yet provide a pleasing finish. This shower head is connected to the mixer tap which has had its supply pipes buried in the wall. This provides a much neater finish and makes for a more water resilient environment. In addition two rows of floor tiles break up the white wall tiles.
AM Dalton Plumbing Floor Tiles AM Dalton Plumbing Shower Fitting

Installation of a new pan and cistern after laying the floor tiles and laying one row of floor tiles up the wall means this water resistant floor is very easy to clean. The 'Towel Warmer' style of radiator with thermostat provides heat for the bathroom and an endless supply of warm towels.
AM Dalton Plumbing WC AM Dalton Plumbing Radiator