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AM Dalton Plumbing - Pipe Freezing Water Pipes

Domestic user, business user or B2B with a need for pipe freezing? Contact us now!.

Usually customers call us to unfreeze their pipes - NOT freeze them!
So, when might you want your pipes frozen? Well, consider a large central heating system which may take 30 minutes to an hour to empty and then a further 30 minutes to an hour to top it up again and vent the air from the system.
It is possible to isolate the component under repair by freezing the pipes in strategic locations, effect the repair, allow the frozen plug to melt and test the repaired component.

The Pipe Freezing kit works by applying two Deep Freezer Heads to either side of the component under repair or needing replacement.
The unit is switched on for a known length of time. (9 minutes for a 3/4" pipe.) Once the time has elapsed the pipe is blocked by a plug of ice allowing the component to be removed or repaired.

The Frigo 2 is electric and has a completely enclosed refrigerant circuit which means that it can be used anywhere, even in enclosed rooms. Refrigerant R-404A, Ozone harmless, CFC Free, Environmentally safe. Ideally suited to longer repairs.

AM Dalton Plumbing are registered with REMS and use the REMS Frigo 2 Pipe Freezing Kit.

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